Safe truth about a woman in love

She is lost as in the middle of a storm

Anchoring an unyielding anger

In the form of growling thunders.

Always holding her man’s noble soul

As the most cherished award

Of all her time on Earth.

Keeps collecting his restfully thoughts

In that idyllic island age,

Where a smile turns out to be

The tropical sun,

While the glowing full moon

Secretly escapes

behind thick, smoky clouds.

She is lost as in the middle of a storm

Chasing piled-up dreams,

Longing for sinless, lustful,

crazed desires

To softly kiss and make love

to her overly attractive man,

Following the greatest marathon,

“ Now and forever”.


Jan. 16, 2021.


Christmas Temptation

It was September when the moon saw them kissing,

And the heat of their hearts lightened up their bodies.

Every second was overflowed with love…

The desire to stay and love him forever,

Was written in the depth of her autumn,

crystal brown eyes;

Seeing the same man seducing her dreams,

As they hugged, till next time…

It’s Christmas, and the moon saw them smiling

Hundreds of miles away.

Missing his body’s perfume, she smelled and

softly spoke to lilies,

in her comfortable, light gray,

and tiny living room.

©️Ana Toma

Christmas 2020

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

“ Our Moon” 🔥( Photo credit: Ana Toma. December 29, 2020. Ponte Vedra Beach, FL).

Did you know that?

There is no such more beautiful feeling of happiness,

than getting drunk in love with the way how he looks at you…

His amazing smile, that sugar lips kiss as soon as you greet;

That warm, pleasant, and fire racing heart feeling

when touching his strong, soft hands.

There is no such more beautiful feeling of happiness,

Than that magical, musical, silvery voice of seduction, combined with

the cries of pleasure of her body’s chemistry …

Getting drunk on poems, on writings, on her everyday conversations;

Along with the eternal pains of her gorgeous soul.

Her silent sadness, and all the charming memories

When singing aloud, her unsung songs.

There is no such more beautiful feeling of happiness,

Than getting drunk in love, with the way how he drives,

Trying to quickly pick that look of yours, sitting across him, smilingly.

Getting drunk in love with the air he breaths,

And with his crazy, yet beautiful youth memories,

to always enjoy the presence of his women.

There is no such more beautiful feeling of happiness,

Than getting drunk in love when she kindly gets the TV remote control out of his sight,

Letting unfinished that football game

that have just begun;

Asking him to lead her in his super neat bedroom,

To strip her with his look, endless sweet kisses,

and that magical feeling of touch,

When massaging every inch of her body

Till they both get drunk, get drunk on lovemaking.

There is no such more beautiful feeling of happiness,

Than getting happily drunk in love,

with his gaze in the mirror,

after the steam of a very long shower, together;

To smoothly brush her gorgeous wet hair,

while she’s brush-cleaning her crystal clear


There is no such more beautiful feeling of happiness,

Than kissing him softly, again, all over…

Kissing gently his elegant, perfect neck;

Getting crazy drunk in love, with the most attractive man on Earth

Who loves her, unconditionally.

© Ana Toma

Jan. 8, 2021

The beauty of photographs

As I looked at photos taken last year, 

I stared out of curiosity 

to a very last photo taken by me, 

Noted :” Loving sad hands”. 

I admit.

I’m an unknown photograph of love, 

of pain, 

and of any sad beauty out there.

I’ve photographed the most 


Dirty, lurking look, 

of a serial cheater,

having a morning espresso,

and I’ve never got rearward.

I’ve photographed the look

of a stolen angry man,

Sitting in a light grey couch,


in a cozy living room,

Inside a Florida’s vacation home.

(He wasn’t enjoying 

the presence 

of his adorable family).

Was the one getting 

easily frustrated.

Was able to loose his temper 

For no good reason.

(This man was one of a kind. 

The most secretive person 

that I’ve known).

But, he was a lost man.

A stolen, angry man. 

I’ve photographed the real beauty 

of a man in love, 

Gently caressing his woman’s soul.

Many innocent conversations, 

captured as a photograph,

Deep inside their beautiful hearts.

This man is out there, 

Waiting for the following fotoshoot.

Maybe this coming spring, 

When lilies bloom,

I’m going to photograph 

Their smell.

I fell in love 

with this couple’s kindness,

and they both knew it.

I’ve photographed the time

Given by a good looking man 

to this stunning young woman,

when she desperately needed 

someone to talk to. Just talk. 

And he never regret it.

I’ve photographed one of the 

happiest smiles in my world, 

And I will never forget.

I’ve photographed the favorite scent

of a woman in love.

The scent of blooming lilies…

(She lived each second 

Smelling and smiling, 

And she cried out of joy).

I’ve photographed happy hands

of couples, out of love. 


I’ve photographed half crossed fingers,

of very sad hands,

of two beloved angels,

in LOVE…

©️Ana Toma

Jan. 27, 2021.