What we will remember

(Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl. December 2020. Photo credit: Ana Toma)

We’ve loved each-other, past and forever,

Life after life, dream after dream…

We’ve become an image of the endless love,

Floating in the beauty of our intense feelings.

We’ll chase the heart of time, as we will grow older.

Turn our smiles to a fugitive sacred flame.

We will hid our souls in a nest of lilies,

singing the song of a sweet secret pain.

We’ve chose our part in this world of passion

To stay awake forever, hearing our tender breath;

Even the moonlight will fully understand,

the end of our time, itself…

©️Ana TOMA

March 16, 2021

Let me talk to you

( West Haven Beach, Connecticut.
Photo Credit: ANA TOMA. March, 2021).

Let me talk to you

with your silence,

that is loud as a thunder,

sweet as a melody,

Cold as the Antarctica’s ice,

hot as the Sahara’s Desert.

Soft as a good morning kiss,

harsh as your stubbornness.

Let me talk to you

with your inside voice.

Is sounds as you though

are screaming,

And I can’t hear anything

from far way.

My soul isn’t satisfied

that I’m loosing you.

I hope this will be

the last pain.

Don’t leave me,

Even for a day.

Through evenings like this one,

I feel talkative and deaf.

I feel blind and alone.

I feel abandoned and loved.

My heart looks for you

In the distance,

And you’re not with me…

©️Ana TOMA

March 14, 2021

To all the fake friends

( West Haven Beach, Connecticut. March 13, 2021. Photo credit: Ana Toma).

I’ve met you all by heart.

We slept in the same room, same house.

Same bed perhaps, when I’ve visited you

on your birthdays.

We laughed, cried and snored all night long.

We promised to always be there for each-other.

But as soon as a tornado drove over our roof,

You all left, like we had malaria,

or another unknown disease.

Little by little you all turned your back on me,

Not knowing the real reason, “ why”?

Rarely a phone call, a few text messages.

Never a trip to where we reside.

I’m sure that one day we will all meet again.

This time we will meet by hands, not by hearts.

There is a silent wall behind fake friends…

(Have we ever been friends?

Have we ever cared for our friendship?

Who we were and who we have become?

We’re we this fake when laughing, crying,

snoring and having fun?)

I’ve met you all by heart.

We all got older, wiser perchance.

I keep questioning how fake we all were.

As much fake as our bittersweet memories.

When I was a Queen, I’ve had a heavenly crown.

My smile was bigger and brighter

than the golden holly sun.

Now that we live under a crystal clear roof,

I hear you all speak loud through the wild winds,

Asking me to forgive your absence,

and stop dreaming of unpleasant things.

©️Ana Toma

March 14, 2021

We are here…

We are here. Laying on the same bed.

Following our souls’ conversation,

Smiling in the darkness of your room.

We both know that the next morning

We will not be here. We will be apart.

We hug as we are saying goodbye.

Knowing that our goodbyes are temporary.

Knowing that we are going to miss

Each- other’s eyes, lips and breath.

Knowing that I’m not free to the point

of staying longer.

All I know is that I’m in love with you.

Spring will be here soon. Summer, then Fall.

All these tall naked trees will flourish.

Their beauty won’t last forever.

Leaves will shed. This is the life’s cycle.

I can’t tell exactly where I stand.

Am I flourishing or shedding as a leaf?

©️Ana TOMA

March, 2021

( Photo credit: ©️April Maccario)

I want you to know…

( Photo credit: Google search. Unknown)

I want you to know that, each late night,

when I go to bed, alone,

in a huge empty cold bedroom,

I stare at the sky of my dreams.

Forming clouds of many silent questions,

I gladly fall asleep.

I want you to know that, each early morning,

I witness the “kiss-goodbye”,

between the moon and the sun.

I stare at the sky of my reality,

Proofreading all the silent answers,

Given to me by God.

I want you to know that, since I’ve meet you,

I’ve created my own little world of beauty.

My soul sings from very far way,

Aching the absence of your lips on mine,

smelling the fresh pink lilies,

inventing the Promised Land

of blossoming flowers.

©️Ana Toma

March 13, 2021

A never opened book

You went from “loving” her

To deceive, to lie, to cheat,

To manipulate.

And now you are that leased

“aged-dog” of Echidna,

“half-woman, half- snake”

Who poisoned you and your family,

Followed by the eyes of Argus,

(The man who lives in Carmel).

After all, one day, Hera,

the Queen of the Gods,

Will seek revenge,

through Bellona.


March 11, 2021

“Take my heart upon the Moon”

( Copyright ©️www.chess-site.com)

Wondering why it’s time to live,

Half of reality and half of a dream?

All my life has been a lie,

Take my heart upon gray sky.

In one hand I’ll hold all the stars,

Singing songs and lullabies.

Sleeping maybe with the moon,

Flying high with clouds ‘till noon.

Feeling the rain when the sun is gone,

Rainbow’s colors will keep me home.

You’re not wrong. Trust has flown away.

In every dream, I roar and pray.

Never prayed once in my life,

Feeling lost, I ’ve lost God’s trust.

Take my heart upon the Moon,

Playing on the piano, nesting each tune.

You don’t sing and you never cry

Teach me chess before I die…


March 10, 2021

“ I want a Husband”

( inspired by Judy Brady -Syfers )

1- I want a husband who will hold me tightly when sleeping at night. To not even move a muscle, just to hold me, so I can peacefully sleep, dream and smile at the same time.

2- I want a husband who will wake up every morning as soon as the sun rises, smiling at me, and while French kissing, saying “good morning gorgeous wife”.

Make our coffee and serve breakfast in bed.

3- I want a husband who will wake up our children from sleep every morning on the school days.

Help them fix their beds.

Change their bedsheets every other day, so they sleep clean and fresh.

Make them meals three times a day.

Potentially ask them if they are thirsty when playing outside.

Ask them if they are hungry or if they would like to eat a different meal.

Clean after them and remind them to wash their hands before and after eating.

Change their towels after each use and always, always smile at them.

4- I want a husband to make sure children are bathed, showered and their hair is brushed and dry.

5- I want a husband to make sure that our children have brushed their teeth for about 2- minutes.

Make sure their clothes are washed, dry-cleaned if any, folded, and hanged in their closets.

Make sure all their socks match before putting them in the sock’s drawer of their bedroom.

6- I want a husband to always make sure that the children’s bathrooms are cleaned, disinfected and smell good.

Make sure their toenails are well cut and their earlobes are well cleaned after showering.

Make sure the towels are in the dumper after drying their bodies.

Make sure to dump the dumper when is filled with unwashed clothes. Bring them to the laundry room.

Separate whites from color clothes , separate underwear from socks and when washing machine is half full with unwashed clothes, he has to know how to choose the right amount of soap, softener, water temperature and pres the start button.

7- I want a husband who checks on children’s progress or regress at their learning.

Make sure their homework is done. Read to them, teach them a new vocabulary word each day and often test their intelligence.

Praise them for their school achievements and never punish them.

Always give hugs and find a bonding time to connect with each child.

Get to know each child’s personality. Be open minded and respect their ideas.

Never judge if they do wrong but show them how to walk in his footsteps ( by doing RIGHT).

8- I want a husband who’s brain never stops working and to never complain about his headaches, stomachache, or any other pain in his body. He needs to behave, keep his pain inside, and never share what’s bothering him. Why bother?

9- I want a husband who works every day and never complains that he’s tired. He has to make sure that the bathtub is filled with warm water before I come home from shopping. Watch me smiling while I bath and play my favorite music.

10- I want a husband who makes love to me every day and night, and how I want it. He should NEVER say “ No” to my sexual needs. He should shower after each time I have an orgasm. He should take really good care of himself and I don’t wanna see any single hair in his body, other than his eyebrows hair.

11- I want a husband who makes sure that I have fresh flowers in the kitchen counter so I can smell them when I pass by the garage door before I go out with my close friends.

12- I want a TROPHY HUSBAND. That kind of husband who NEVER lies to me, NEVER cheats and NEVER betrays my trust.

P.S. -Who in the world doesn’t want a perfect husband to look up at him and say:” I love you and I’m blessed to have you in my life!”

©️Ana Toma

March 8, 2021

“ The beauty of survival” 🔑

Cheshire, CT USA

When you are with her…

“ The magic of love”🔥

When you are with her, kissing and making love,

You’re thinking about the future, and the power of your dreams.

The sensual pleasure and the intense desire

of the woman who loves the wild soul in you,

are the reflection of those sexy-sparkling eyes.

A million hues of the upcoming hot summer days

Are waiting to sailboard in the Pacific Ocean,

Somewhere in the Surfrider’s Beach, Malibu.

How many women have loved you this way,

with their hearts, fueling the fire of hot passion’s flames?

Have they felt completely the beauty of your changing face,

Hidden beside the glowing stars?

How many women dreamed your moments

of laughter,

while the pleasure made their cheeks glow red,

when you were praising their bodies and their minds?


When you are with her, let go of worries…

Hug her tightly, ‘till she melts in your arms.

©️Ana Toma

March 4, 2021

How to love her…

“ Body language”🔥
( Photo credit: ©️BestLife).

Touch her heart slowly

with your wisdom.

Gently shake the dust off

her fascinating soul.

Chase her through

shimmering tunnels

of her dreams,

And let her talk for hours,

‘till she fells asleep…

Watch her asleep.

Observe her glowing smile;

She will follow you

to the grave.

Dancing and singing.

Singing and writing.

Drawing and shaping

the edges of her fears.


cover her memories

with the nightlight of the moon;

Tell her your life stories.

Kiss her softly as you speak…

She will follow you everywhere,

my friend;

In any hell, Heaven

or exotic galaxy.

©️Ana Toma

Dec. 28, 2020

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.