The lonely woman

The portrait of her children, grandchildren, and herself Hangs on the grey walls painted by her ex-husband, Twenty-plus years ago. She breaths in and out. It’s her time to let go of memories on this lovely spring morning, Like she let go of all newspapers and unpublished poems, wrapped-up and packed in taped big brownContinue reading “The lonely woman”

The speechless 🌕 full moon

Apparently, you can chat with the full moon. Yes, the full moon that you and I can see, when opening that large crystal window, of your innocent and heavenly imagination, to be in each other’s arms, for eternity. *** You can chat with the full moon through your eye-catching dreams, As she undresses your soul with Continue reading “The speechless 🌕 full moon”

On top of everything

I want to know YOU, like I know the colors of the rainbow. Like I know the lyrics and the beats of my favorite songs. Like I sense the scent of lilies all over the world. Like I know every stop light, turn and highway, when driving to you. Like I know the difference betweenContinue reading “On top of everything”

The charm of Love

We wrapped the most beautiful robe of feelings around us, As we silently listened to the hushed sound of our souls. We whispered: “how deep is the passion of our endless kisses?” At the same time, we were completely naked from secrets. ©️Ana Toma March 21, 2021

What we will remember

We’ve loved each-other, past and forever, Life after life, dream after dream… We’ve become an image of the endless love, Floating in the beauty of our intense feelings. We’ll chase the heart of time, as we will grow older. Turn our smiles to a fugitive sacred flame. We will hid our souls in a nestContinue reading “What we will remember”

I want you to know…

I want you to know that, each late night, when I go to bed, alone, in a huge empty cold bedroom, I stare at the sky of my dreams. Forming clouds of many silent questions, I gladly fall asleep. I want you to know that, each early morning, I witness the “kiss-goodbye”, between the moonContinue reading “I want you to know…”

When you are with her…

When you are with her, kissing and making love, You’re thinking about the future, and the power of your dreams. The sensual pleasure and the intense desire of the woman who loves the wild soul in you, are the reflection of those sexy-sparkling eyes. A million hues of the upcoming hot summer days Are waitingContinue reading “When you are with her…”

How to love her…

Touch her heart slowly with your wisdom. Gently shake the dust off her fascinating soul. Chase her through shimmering tunnels of her dreams, And let her talk for hours, ‘till she fells asleep… Watch her asleep. Observe her glowing smile; She will follow you to the grave. Dancing and singing. Singing and writing. Drawing andContinue reading “How to love her…”

Somewhere they have never traveled …

Who said that they have never previously traveled in to their beautiful souls? Yet, they know that both can weather any storm. Who said that they have never once traveled in to the moonlights? As yet, the sun goes waltzing with the stars. Their eyes have a relaxing silence, longing to be closer, (kissing andContinue reading “Somewhere they have never traveled …”

To the unknown man

I want you to be well, unknown to me. I feel an oversensitive soul-gathering energy In our stunning and charmed dreams … Thirsty for affection, full of life and love. I feel lonely. Lonely as you are. I can’t sleep. Just like each and every night, I try to tear apart with my muse, theContinue reading “To the unknown man”