Howling at the Moon

She loved all places that carried the letters of his name. Loved his clean-shaved face, his smokey voice; his short smooth hair, and his well cared toes. He was everywhere, here and there… He was in the late nights of chatty handwritings, In the best-sellers stories, and well-stocked books; In the genius brains, and dirtiestContinue reading “Howling at the Moon”

I’m in love with someone I’ve never met…

Haven’t we all dreamed about that beautiful, smart, and loving woman who keeps us awake every summer evening? During our crazy male desires, While playing with her wet hair and With her violin body? Where do fiery sounds of love come from, and then happy sonatas are formed, fused into one soul? Then, we lookContinue reading “I’m in love with someone I’ve never met…”

To the unknown man

I want you to be well, unknown to me. I feel an oversensitive soul-gathering energy In our stunning and charmed dreams … Thirsty for affection, full of life and love. I feel lonely. Lonely as you are. I can’t sleep. Just like each and every night, I try to tear apart with my muse, theContinue reading “To the unknown man”

Safe truth about a woman in love

She is lost as in the middle of a storm Anchoring an unyielding anger In the form of growling thunders. Always holding her man’s noble soul As the most cherished award Of all her time on Earth. Keeps collecting his restfully thoughts In that idyllic island age, Where a smile turns out to be TheContinue reading “Safe truth about a woman in love”

Did you know that?

There is no such more beautiful feeling of happiness, than getting drunk in love with the way how he looks at you… His amazing smile, that sugar lips kiss as soon as you greet; That warm, pleasant, and fire racing heart feeling when touching his strong, soft hands. There is no such more beautiful feelingContinue reading “Did you know that?”