A never opened book

You went from “loving” her To deceive, to lie, to cheat, To manipulate. And now you are that leased “aged-dog” of Echidna, “half-woman, half- snake” Who poisoned you and your family, Followed by the eyes of Argus, (The man who lives in Carmel). After all, one day, Hera, the Queen of the Gods, Will seekContinue reading “A never opened book”

“Take my heart upon the Moon”

Wondering why it’s time to live, Half of reality and half of a dream? All my life has been a lie, Take my heart upon gray sky. In one hand I’ll hold all the stars, Singing songs and lullabies. Sleeping maybe with the moon, Flying high with clouds ‘till noon. Feeling the rain when theContinue reading ““Take my heart upon the Moon””

“ I want a Husband”

( inspired by Judy Brady -Syfers ) 1- I want a husband who will hold me tightly when sleeping at night. To not even move a muscle, just to hold me, so I can peacefully sleep, dream and smile at the same time. 2- I want a husband who will wake up every morning asContinue reading ““ I want a Husband””

When you are with her…

When you are with her, kissing and making love, You’re thinking about the future, and the power of your dreams. The sensual pleasure and the intense desire of the woman who loves the wild soul in you, are the reflection of those sexy-sparkling eyes. A million hues of the upcoming hot summer days Are waitingContinue reading “When you are with her…”

How to love her…

Touch her heart slowly with your wisdom. Gently shake the dust off her fascinating soul. Chase her through shimmering tunnels of her dreams, And let her talk for hours, ‘till she fells asleep… Watch her asleep. Observe her glowing smile; She will follow you to the grave. Dancing and singing. Singing and writing. Drawing andContinue reading “How to love her…”

Deep-seated scars

She witnessed a lost, angry man, In the reflection of a deserted ship, Partying and sailing in lust and hell. Like seeing through a blurry, hazy sky She kept those painful memories For multiple years. When was her time to dive peacefully, She drank even the last drop of salted water, Creating her own majesticContinue reading “Deep-seated scars”

She said you smell like lilies

She said you smell like lilies, and captured her soul with your gaze. No doubt, she never truly loved anyone prior You were her crystal-sky.., (following a hurricane). She was searching the crowds in haven Her whole life, was searching for you; For the only Man who smells like lilies, Her love is so deep,Continue reading “She said you smell like lilies”

I have forgiven

I have forgiven by mistake the unforgivable people. They were no people, they were just Unforgettable. I’ve acted on impulse when I’ve forgiven. I’ve been disappointed and I laughed. I hugged, I screamed and I jumped for joy… I took eternal oaths in the name of Marriage, And I was never loved correctly. I livedContinue reading “I have forgiven”

If she only knew…

If she only knew, That his luscious lips Were made of delicious nectar And his sugar candy kisses Were extremely juicy, by releasing countless cocktails of pleasure, and melting her beautiful heart; She would have created a new planet, Full of beaches, white sands and clear saltwater, For the Man who made her feel LikeContinue reading “If she only knew…”

The Sweetest Man…

The very first time I saw my Man, His “hi” word was like the whisper Of a prayer… Every second, as a woman in Love You beg yourself to paint his image: “You look at him as a Man You are going to love FOREVER!” His smiley face gets lost deep down Your heart, WhileContinue reading “The Sweetest Man…”