Unending Love

I imagine the two of us, ambling late at night, in a deserted southern beach, where waves crawl gently, to the sandy lonesome shore. Barefoot, half-naked, hand-holding with passion, while interlocking fingers. I imagine the two of us, smiling to the half moon, singing lyrics that rewire our hearts and hidden dreams, in a quiet,Continue reading “Unending Love”

The yellow book of promises

“Tell me now: what weighs more in your heart, His unkept promises or your fantasies of having a broken family?” She has forgotten his face, Aside from his eyes that are full of her absence. Cemeteries are lonely, well kept and peaceful. She stares at each grave’s stone, Daydreaming of how beautiful life is. TheContinue reading “The yellow book of promises”

The happiest poem

I can write the happiest poem just by thinking of us. Your bright smile covers my soul like the dew covers the early spring flowers, Every sunrise and sunset. Your lips are mine. Kissing you is magic. I raise taller than the sky When I’m with you. I touch the heat of the sun, WhenContinue reading “The happiest poem”

Looking at the frozen sky

No one other than a couple in love, at night, witnessed the fall of multiple tiny, bright-golden shooting stars, from a giant frozen sky, filling in their eternal heart’s desire, that knew everything about love. Frozen stars perhaps lit frozen dreams. The couple’s sleepy faces, silently smile, while taking the road to wishful thinking. TheyContinue reading “Looking at the frozen sky”

Nothing has changed

Nothing has changed: My wildest desire is his lips on mine. The longest French kiss ever: Sweet as children’s first smile. I’ve tasted his lips for hours, days. I can’t compare them to anything, to anyone. It’s my soul’s favorite taste. All I can say is that his lips play magic on me. They awakenContinue reading “Nothing has changed”

I Love You!

I love you, as you are the only Man on this earth. I love you, as you are the only light my eyes have ever seen. I love you, as you are the only breath that I take. I love you, as you are mine and I’m yours, to death. I love you, as theContinue reading “I Love You!”

The lonely woman

The portrait of her children, grandchildren, and herself Hangs on the grey walls painted by her ex-husband, Twenty-plus years ago. She breaths in and out. It’s her time to let go of memories on this lovely spring morning, Like she let go of all newspapers and unpublished poems, wrapped-up and packed in taped big brownContinue reading “The lonely woman”

Tonight she tells me…

Tonight she tells me that she feels like leaving. Leaving this foreign land and travel back home. She misses her muse, which is the love for her country, The only place on earth that she doesn’t feel alone. Tonight she tells me that she’s going through the wildest storm. Like she’s out-walking through the strongestContinue reading “Tonight she tells me…”

She doesn’t remember who you were to her

Maybe you were that thin crescent moon, Sowing lies into her soul for decades… How come you never got tired of that double life you had, and lived with a Botox smile with no regrets, while sharing children and a king bed, What were you thinking when fathering them? *** ©️Ana TOMA March 27, 2021

The speechless 🌕 full moon

Apparently, you can chat with the full moon. Yes, the full moon that you and I can see, when opening that large crystal window, of your innocent and heavenly imagination, to be in each other’s arms, for eternity. *** You can chat with the full moon through your eye-catching dreams, As she undresses your soul with Continue reading “The speechless 🌕 full moon”