Unending Love

I imagine the two of us, ambling late at night, in a deserted southern beach, where waves crawl gently, to the sandy lonesome shore. Barefoot, half-naked, hand-holding with passion, while interlocking fingers. I imagine the two of us, smiling to the half moon, singing lyrics that rewire our hearts and hidden dreams, in a quiet,Continue reading “Unending Love”

The yellow book of promises

“Tell me now: what weighs more in your heart, His unkept promises or your fantasies of having a broken family?” She has forgotten his face, Aside from his eyes that are full of her absence. Cemeteries are lonely, well kept and peaceful. She stares at each grave’s stone, Daydreaming of how beautiful life is. TheContinue reading “The yellow book of promises”

She planted lilies under his skin

She was on fire with a lady’s desire Sexually alive, yet a single Lady. She sang a song for every story told, She planted music, joy, and love. She gladly planted lilies under his skin And watered them with very soft kisses. Caressing his soul with new dreams and goals, Like a thunderstorm, he keptContinue reading “She planted lilies under his skin”

The happiest poem

I can write the happiest poem just by thinking of us. Your bright smile covers my soul like the dew covers the early spring flowers, Every sunrise and sunset. Your lips are mine. Kissing you is magic. I raise taller than the sky When I’m with you. I touch the heat of the sun, WhenContinue reading “The happiest poem”

She carries your heart with her

You came at some time of her life, To a dreamer, who’s imagination made oceans, stars and the moon evaporate. Her holy dreams were bathing in the night, in the most sensual seduction secrets, emitting the natural lovemaking sounds. Like dandelions in the sunrise dew, She woke up soaked in her sexual desires; Smiling andContinue reading “She carries your heart with her”