Safe truth about a woman in love

She is lost as in the middle of a storm Anchoring an unyielding anger In the form of growling thunders. Always holding her man’s noble soul As the most cherished award Of all her time on Earth. Keeps collecting his restfully thoughts In that idyllic island age, Where a smile turns out to be TheContinue reading “Safe truth about a woman in love”

Christmas Temptation

It was September when the moon saw them kissing, And the heat of their hearts lightened up their bodies. Every second was overflowed with love… The desire to stay and love him forever, Was written in the depth of her autumn, crystal brown eyes; Seeing the same man seducing her dreams, As they hugged, tillContinue reading “Christmas Temptation”

Did you know that?

There is no such more beautiful feeling of happiness, than getting drunk in love with the way how he looks at you… His amazing smile, that sugar lips kiss as soon as you greet; That warm, pleasant, and fire racing heart feeling when touching his strong, soft hands. There is no such more beautiful feelingContinue reading “Did you know that?”

The beauty of photographs

As I looked at photos taken last year,  I stared out of curiosity  to a very last photo taken by me,  Noted :” Loving sad hands”.  I admit. I’m an unknown photograph of love,  of pain,  and of any sad beauty out there. I’ve photographed the most  manipulative, Dirty, lurking look,  of a serial cheater,Continue reading “The beauty of photographs”