I Love You!

I love you, as you are the only Man on this earth. I love you, as you are the only light my eyes have ever seen. I love you, as you are the only breath that I take. I love you, as you are mine and I’m yours, to death. I love you, as theContinue reading “I Love You!”

The lonely woman

The portrait of her children, grandchildren, and herself Hangs on the grey walls painted by her ex-husband, Twenty-plus years ago. She breaths in and out. It’s her time to let go of memories on this lovely spring morning, Like she let go of all newspapers and unpublished poems, wrapped-up and packed in taped big brownContinue reading “The lonely woman”

Tonight she tells me…

Tonight she tells me that she feels like leaving. Leaving this foreign land and travel back home. She misses her muse, which is the love for her country, The only place on earth that she doesn’t feel alone. Tonight she tells me that she’s going through the wildest storm. Like she’s out-walking through the strongestContinue reading “Tonight she tells me…”

She doesn’t remember who you were to her

Maybe you were that thin crescent moon, Sowing lies into her soul for decades… How come you never got tired of that double life you had, and lived with a Botox smile with no regrets, while sharing children and a king bed, What were you thinking when fathering them? *** ©️Ana TOMA March 27, 2021

The speechless 🌕 full moon

Apparently, you can chat with the full moon. Yes, the full moon that you and I can see, when opening that large crystal window, of your innocent and heavenly imagination, to be in each other’s arms, for eternity. *** You can chat with the full moon through your eye-catching dreams, As she undresses your soul with Continue reading “The speechless 🌕 full moon”

On top of everything

I want to know YOU, like I know the colors of the rainbow. Like I know the lyrics and the beats of my favorite songs. Like I sense the scent of lilies all over the world. Like I know every stop light, turn and highway, when driving to you. Like I know the difference betweenContinue reading “On top of everything”

The charm of Love

We wrapped the most beautiful robe of feelings around us, As we silently listened to the hushed sound of our souls. We whispered: “how deep is the passion of our endless kisses?” At the same time, we were completely naked from secrets. ©️Ana Toma March 21, 2021

The man who dances in her head

There is a man who dances in her head, His feet keep dancing when there is music. His smile is infectious, sweeter than honey, She can’t relate how they met. She knows his feet are very smart, Can take him fast, very far away… She puts her hands in his hairless chest, She wants thisContinue reading “The man who dances in her head”

She’s lost…

You found her, but she’s lost it seems that you don’t care. Her pain is deep and she can’t cross, That bridge from where it came. You never had that fire-feeling, Burning within you… For what she knows, you don’t love her As much as you used to… When you were asked:- “what’s new?” YouContinue reading “She’s lost…”