The happiest poem

“ Happiness” ( Photo credit: Pinterest)

I can write the happiest poem

just by thinking of us.

Your bright smile covers my soul

like the dew covers

the early spring flowers,

Every sunrise and sunset.

Your lips are mine.

Kissing you is magic.

I raise taller than the sky

When I’m with you.

I touch the heat of the sun,

When we make love.

I talk to the stars and the moon

About how much I miss you,

And how you brighten my life.

I sing to the clouds

About my happiness

And they listen to my words

Like I’m the chosen woman

On this earth,

Speaking the language of love,

Feeling the bleeding of my heart.

I read to the birds,

Poems that I wrote to you.

I teach them how to fly high,

and compose a new song,

So they can tweet a new melody,

For their loved ones.

I can write the happiest poem

Just by thinking of us.

I feel your presence,

Like a thirsty desert

Feels the rain.

Even when we’re apart,

And missing each other,

I smile through the moonlight,

So you can learn how to dream.

(All we asked for was to be loved).

©️Ana Toma

May 13, 2021

Cheshire, CT USA

Published by Ana Toma

“I’m a little bit of everything” ©️The unknown woman

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