The speechless 🌕 full moon

Apparently, you can chat with the full moon.

Yes, the full moon that you and I can see,

when opening that large crystal window,

of your innocent and heavenly imagination,

to be in each other’s arms, for eternity.


You can chat with the full moon

through your eye-catching dreams,

As she undresses your soul with 

her mystic golden beauty.

You may catch a lovely missing face 

and a spectacular sweet smile.

You may absolutely see the same attractive man,

waiting impatiently to always love you.


(You may recall someone’s infinite lies,

deceitfulness and manipulations,

Their louder evilness laughs, 

thinking that they had fooled you…)


“But you’re the WINNER. Breath into me!”,

 -Shouts out the speechless full moon,

as you look deeply into her big-blue eyes, 

while pressing her golden cold face 

against yours…


It’s past mid-March. Trees are blossoming.

The speechless full moon may tell you

a thousand untold solid stories,

that you left behind as a child.

There were well-written stories 

all over the distant sky,

Using your colorless joyful tears,

when you were ecstatic, 

on top of the world…


You should remember beautiful Lady, 

that when you were such an ambitious 

and smart little girl,

Each hot summer night,

somewhere in Europe,

you were seating on the balcony

of your parents’ home,

wishing upon the full moon 

to visit America. Somehow,

you ended up living that dream.


Perhaps the full moon we both know,

may have brightened our lives further…

As we wish upon her mystic golden beauty,

to collect our sweet and passionate dreams, 

All our reminiscent and cheerful memories,

will be carefully written and read aloud in two…

©️Ana Toma

March 24, 2021

Published by Ana Toma

“I’m a little bit of everything” ©️The unknown woman

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