On top of everything

( Photo credit: Ana Toma)

I want to know YOU, like I know the colors of the rainbow.

Like I know the lyrics and the beats of my favorite songs.

Like I sense the scent of lilies all over the world.

Like I know every stop light, turn and highway,

when driving to you.

Like I know the difference between light and dark,

color red and blue.

Like I know the dates when seasons change

and years just go by…

Like I know your lips on mine, the murmurs of your soul.

I want to know you, like I know the days of the week.

Like I know math, Italian, French language and geography.

Like I know the tree- shaded house and the places where I grew up.

Like I know the country where my childhood

dreams were isolated, forever locked.

Like I know the muddy streets when walking to school.

Like I know the summer rain drying over my

body:(the rain kept me cool).

Like I know the angry wind when my ears froze.

Like I know the winter’s frosty nights without any heat.

Like I know the thin green blankets, making colder my little feet.

Like I know the pen’s ink stains on my right

fingers, when doing homework.

Like I know by memory, the poems of Victor Hugo’s.


I want to know YOU, like I know how to talk.

Like I know how to smile, to feel and to Love…

Like I know the feeling of missing you much.

Like I know the feeling of happiness,

when seeing, kissing you, and touch…


©️Ana Toma

March 23, 2021

Published by Ana Toma

“I’m a little bit of everything” ©️The unknown woman

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