She’s lost…

( Photo credit: unknown ©️Pinterest )

You found her, but she’s lost

it seems that you don’t care.

Her pain is deep and she can’t cross,

That bridge from where it came.

You never had that fire-feeling,

Burning within you…

For what she knows, you don’t love her

As much as you used to…

When you were asked:- “what’s new?”

You replied: “nothing exciting”.

For what she knows, that’s really hurtful,

Not knowing what to answer…

Then other moments full of silence,

Replaced what she thought was real.

You “need” someone to make you smile,

When life’s “excitements” disappear…

©️Ana Toma

March 18,2021

Cheshire,CT USA

Published by Ana Toma

“I’m a little bit of everything” ©️The unknown woman

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