To all the fake friends

( West Haven Beach, Connecticut. March 13, 2021. Photo credit: Ana Toma).

I’ve met you all by heart.

We slept in the same room, same house.

Same bed perhaps, when I’ve visited you

on your birthdays.

We laughed, cried and snored all night long.

We promised to always be there for each-other.

But as soon as a tornado drove over our roof,

You all left, like we had malaria,

or another unknown disease.

Little by little you all turned your back on me,

Not knowing the real reason, “ why”?

Rarely a phone call, a few text messages.

Never a trip to where we reside.

I’m sure that one day we will all meet again.

This time we will meet by hands, not by hearts.

There is a silent wall behind fake friends…

(Have we ever been friends?

Have we ever cared for our friendship?

Who we were and who we have become?

We’re we this fake when laughing, crying,

snoring and having fun?)

I’ve met you all by heart.

We all got older, wiser perchance.

I keep questioning how fake we all were.

As much fake as our bittersweet memories.

When I was a Queen, I’ve had a heavenly crown.

My smile was bigger and brighter

than the golden holly sun.

Now that we live under a crystal clear roof,

I hear you all speak loud through the wild winds,

Asking me to forgive your absence,

and stop dreaming of unpleasant things.

©️Ana Toma

March 14, 2021

Published by Ana Toma

“I’m a little bit of everything” ©️The unknown woman

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