“ I want a Husband”

( inspired by Judy Brady -Syfers )

1- I want a husband who will hold me tightly when sleeping at night. To not even move a muscle, just to hold me, so I can peacefully sleep, dream and smile at the same time.

2- I want a husband who will wake up every morning as soon as the sun rises, smiling at me, and while French kissing, saying “good morning gorgeous wife”.

Make our coffee and serve breakfast in bed.

3- I want a husband who will wake up our children from sleep every morning on the school days.

Help them fix their beds.

Change their bedsheets every other day, so they sleep clean and fresh.

Make them meals three times a day.

Potentially ask them if they are thirsty when playing outside.

Ask them if they are hungry or if they would like to eat a different meal.

Clean after them and remind them to wash their hands before and after eating.

Change their towels after each use and always, always smile at them.

4- I want a husband to make sure children are bathed, showered and their hair is brushed and dry.

5- I want a husband to make sure that our children have brushed their teeth for about 2- minutes.

Make sure their clothes are washed, dry-cleaned if any, folded, and hanged in their closets.

Make sure all their socks match before putting them in the sock’s drawer of their bedroom.

6- I want a husband to always make sure that the children’s bathrooms are cleaned, disinfected and smell good.

Make sure their toenails are well cut and their earlobes are well cleaned after showering.

Make sure the towels are in the dumper after drying their bodies.

Make sure to dump the dumper when is filled with unwashed clothes. Bring them to the laundry room.

Separate whites from color clothes , separate underwear from socks and when washing machine is half full with unwashed clothes, he has to know how to choose the right amount of soap, softener, water temperature and pres the start button.

7- I want a husband who checks on children’s progress or regress at their learning.

Make sure their homework is done. Read to them, teach them a new vocabulary word each day and often test their intelligence.

Praise them for their school achievements and never punish them.

Always give hugs and find a bonding time to connect with each child.

Get to know each child’s personality. Be open minded and respect their ideas.

Never judge if they do wrong but show them how to walk in his footsteps ( by doing RIGHT).

8- I want a husband who’s brain never stops working and to never complain about his headaches, stomachache, or any other pain in his body. He needs to behave, keep his pain inside, and never share what’s bothering him. Why bother?

9- I want a husband who works every day and never complains that he’s tired. He has to make sure that the bathtub is filled with warm water before I come home from shopping. Watch me smiling while I bath and play my favorite music.

10- I want a husband who makes love to me every day and night, and how I want it. He should NEVER say “ No” to my sexual needs. He should shower after each time I have an orgasm. He should take really good care of himself and I don’t wanna see any single hair in his body, other than his eyebrows hair.

11- I want a husband who makes sure that I have fresh flowers in the kitchen counter so I can smell them when I pass by the garage door before I go out with my close friends.

12- I want a TROPHY HUSBAND. That kind of husband who NEVER lies to me, NEVER cheats and NEVER betrays my trust.

P.S. -Who in the world doesn’t want a perfect husband to look up at him and say:” I love you and I’m blessed to have you in my life!”

©️Ana Toma

March 8, 2021

“ The beauty of survival” 🔑

Cheshire, CT USA

Published by Ana Toma

“I’m a little bit of everything” ©️The unknown woman

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