When you are with her…

“ The magic of love”🔥

When you are with her, kissing and making love,

You’re thinking about the future, and the power of your dreams.

The sensual pleasure and the intense desire

of the woman who loves the wild soul in you,

are the reflection of those sexy-sparkling eyes.

A million hues of the upcoming hot summer days

Are waiting to sailboard in the Pacific Ocean,

Somewhere in the Surfrider’s Beach, Malibu.

How many women have loved you this way,

with their hearts, fueling the fire of hot passion’s flames?

Have they felt completely the beauty of your changing face,

Hidden beside the glowing stars?

How many women dreamed your moments

of laughter,

while the pleasure made their cheeks glow red,

when you were praising their bodies and their minds?


When you are with her, let go of worries…

Hug her tightly, ‘till she melts in your arms.

©️Ana Toma

March 4, 2021

Published by Ana Toma

“I’m a little bit of everything” ©️The unknown woman

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