The Sweetest Man…

The very first time I saw my Man,

His “hi” word was like the whisper

Of a prayer…

Every second, as a woman in Love

You beg yourself to paint his image:

“You look at him as a Man

You are going to love FOREVER!”

His smiley face gets lost deep down

Your heart,

While choosing the greatest match

Paint color,

You have created the Image of

The Sweetest Man on Earth,

With the nectar of his masculine sexuality.

The Man that You fell in Love with  

Is laying peacefully in his usual silence,

Having his third morning coffee

On the balcony of his apartment,

Breathing the latest moments spent with you,

Smiling to a “spectacular” day.

And you, as a woman in Love,

Have finally realized  

How much Sweetest Man  

Fills up your heart.

Sharing songs and endless dreams

Steeping into the happiest morning thoughts,

Trying to center his breath on your lovely mouth

Knowing you would stop mumbling  

Your sad memories…

(All the Love of the Sweetest Man on Earth,

took the shape of your joyful tears.)

…The woman in Love,

Watched her Man’s eyes flooding  

With joyful moments,

Breaking the wall of her past.

(And she realized that she had painted

The Sweetest Man’s Image,

As the most stunning, colorful paint.)

©️Ana Toma

Nov. 11, 2020

Published by Ana Toma

“I’m a little bit of everything” ©️The unknown woman

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