To the unknown man

I want you to be well, unknown to me.

I feel an oversensitive soul-gathering energy

In our stunning and charmed dreams …

Thirsty for affection, full of life and love.

I feel lonely. Lonely as you are.

I can’t sleep. Just like each and every night,

I try to tear apart with my muse,

the darkness of heaven (where I usually hide);

Recollecting last minute conversations

(when thinking of you).

Flashes of agonies to the unknown.

I’m not the moon, I’m not even the sun.

I don’t have that firepower, to close my eyes at night

To fall into a deep sleep and look peacefully,

covered with the glowing light of your heart.

©️Ana Toma

August 5, 2020

Published by Ana Toma

“I’m a little bit of everything” ©️The unknown woman

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