I’m in love with someone I’ve never met…

Haven’t we all dreamed about

that beautiful, smart, and loving woman

who keeps us awake every summer evening?

During our crazy male desires,

While playing with her wet hair and

With her violin body?

Where do fiery sounds of love come from,

and then happy sonatas are formed,

fused into one soul?

Then, we look forward to tattooing those sounds

and sonatas of happiness,

in the music book, called Love…

To browse them when she isn’t there,

Leaving the scent of her body to you

Through the white, wrinkled sheets;

Forming cloudless skies of desires?

Haven’t we all dreamed about

That smart, caring, good looking, and nobleman?

When his only presence thrills you,

wrapping your hands in his,

To feel a deeper connection?

Caressing his very short gray hair

(when he falls asleep)?

Covering him gently, like a child,

Not to cool off his soft, white skin body?

And waking up next to him,

Breathing air from the same lung?

Then, we can barely wait

for that morning long kiss

on the sugary red lips,

Listening to his heartbeat,

As he says, ” I want you.., I’m yours!”

Feeling like you’re in the 8th heaven …,

I’m in love with someone I’ve never met!

© Ana Toma

September, 2020

Published by Ana Toma

“I’m a little bit of everything” ©️The unknown woman

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