She carries your heart with her

“ Ocean of Love bliss”, ©️Alex Grey

You came at some time of her life,

To a dreamer, who’s imagination

made oceans, stars and the moon evaporate.

Her holy dreams were bathing in the night,

in the most sensual seduction secrets,

emitting the natural lovemaking sounds.

Like dandelions in the sunrise dew,

She woke up soaked in her sexual desires;

Smiling and dancing to the beat of birdsongs.

From afar she saw you peacefully sleeping,

Dancing with the wind, with the rain,

through the night.

Barefoot, paralyzed with overflowed happiness,

Walks the smart and classy Lady,

who carries your heart.

©️Ana Toma

May 4, 2021

Cheshire, CT USA


Did you know that?

There is no such more beautiful feeling of happiness,

than getting drunk in love with the way how he looks at you…

His amazing smile, that sugar lips kiss as soon as you greet;

That warm, pleasant, and fire racing heart feeling

when touching his strong, soft hands.

There is no such more beautiful feeling of happiness,

Than that magical, musical, silvery voice of seduction, combined with

the cries of pleasure of her body’s chemistry …

Getting drunk on poems, on writings, on her everyday conversations;

Along with the eternal pains of her gorgeous soul.

Her silent sadness, and all the charming memories

When singing aloud, her unsung songs.

There is no such more beautiful feeling of happiness,

Than getting drunk in love, with the way how he drives,

Trying to quickly pick that look of yours, sitting across him, smilingly.

Getting drunk in love with the air he breaths,

And with his crazy, yet beautiful youth memories,

to always enjoy the presence of his women.

There is no such more beautiful feeling of happiness,

Than getting drunk in love when she kindly gets the TV remote control out of his sight,

Letting unfinished that football game

that have just begun;

Asking him to lead her in his super neat bedroom,

To strip her with his look, endless sweet kisses,

and that magical feeling of touch,

When massaging every inch of her body

Till they both get drunk, get drunk on lovemaking.

There is no such more beautiful feeling of happiness,

Than getting happily drunk in love,

with his gaze in the mirror,

after the steam of a very long shower, together;

To smoothly brush her gorgeous wet hair,

while she’s brush-cleaning her crystal clear


There is no such more beautiful feeling of happiness,

Than kissing him softly, again, all over…

Kissing gently his elegant, perfect neck;

Getting crazy drunk in love, with the most attractive man on Earth

Who loves her, unconditionally.

© Ana Toma

Jan. 8, 2021

She planted lilies under his skin

(Photo credit: Pinterest)

She was on fire with a lady’s desire

Sexually alive, yet a single Lady.

She sang a song for every story told,

She planted music, joy, and love.

She gladly planted lilies under his skin

And watered them with very soft kisses.

Caressing his soul with new dreams and goals,

Like a thunderstorm, he kept asking for more.

She was on fire with a lady’s desire,

She looked like she came from heaven.

Her radiant eyes and her contagious smile

Were related to the light of the temple.

©️Ana Toma

May 24, 2021

Cheshire, CT


©️Pinterest. (Photo credit: Rosie Hardy)

Sometimes she’s like a dangerous dream:

She’s as real as the reflection of the moon,

on the clean rearview mirror,

in an abandoned meadowland,

full of bloomed yellow dandelions.

Full of overgrown,

summer green- prickly grass,

where a dozen of long legs,

young deers,

stare into the distance

at the car’s headlights,

when driving in the dense fog

and ghostly night.

But, they don’t bother to move an inch,

from your sight.

You stop, you sigh,

You look at the reflection of the moon

On your rear-view mirror,

as your eyes travel to your blurry dream,

your sleepy brain yawns in every direction,

wanting to melt into the darkness.

Sometimes, she’s just a beautiful dream:

Lying on her back,

on a large sweet smell meadow,

Letting her breath out slowly,

Plucking carefully

each petal of a fresh dandelion,

listening to the murmuring winds,

and the music of the meadow,

Stretching as far as her eyes could see,

Dreaming of the Man

who dances in her head…

©️Ana Toma

May 16, 2021

Cheshire, CT USA

The happiest poem

“ Happiness” ( Photo credit: Pinterest)

I can write the happiest poem

just by thinking of us.

Your bright smile covers my soul

like the dew covers

the early spring flowers,

Every sunrise and sunset.

Your lips are mine.

Kissing you is magic.

I raise taller than the sky

When I’m with you.

I touch the heat of the sun,

When we make love.

I talk to the stars and the moon

About how much I miss you,

And how you brighten my life.

I sing to the clouds

About my happiness

And they listen to my words

Like I’m the chosen woman

On this earth,

Speaking the language of love,

Feeling the bleeding of my heart.

I read to the birds,

Poems that I wrote to you.

I teach them how to fly high,

and compose a new song,

So they can tweet a new melody,

For their loved ones.

I can write the happiest poem

Just by thinking of us.

I feel your presence,

Like a thirsty desert

Feels the rain.

Even when we’re apart,

And missing each other,

I smile through the moonlight,

So you can learn how to dream.

(All we asked for was to be loved).

©️Ana Toma

May 13, 2021

Cheshire, CT USA

All was beautiful and rare

( A couple in Love, dancing…) Credit: ©️iPhone GIF

She has danced in her dreams

as a woman in love,

With a fit nobleman,

holding hands and more.

She has seen the sunrise

in his cheerful eyes,

As they shined through

tears of joy.

She has lived a romance

but she never knew it existed,

A man like him

that she gave her all.

She has kissed in her dreams

with so much passion,

The same nobleman

that she has danced before.

Last night, she was looking for him

To celebrate her naked beauty,

But she got lost in dark skies,

that she has never explored.

She has forgotten his voice,

his eyes and his touch…

She was looking to find the nobleman

that she one’s adored.

He wasn’t there. He was nowhere.

(Where was he gone?)

She tied her heart to his at night,

And dreamed of him much more.

©️Ana Toma

April 26, 2021

Cheshire, CT USA

Looking at the frozen sky

“ Frozen” Photo credit: (Pinterest)

No one other than a couple in love, at night,

witnessed the fall of multiple tiny,

bright-golden shooting stars,

from a giant frozen sky,

filling in their eternal heart’s desire,

that knew everything about love.

Frozen stars perhaps lit frozen dreams.

The couple’s sleepy faces, silently smile,

while taking the road to wishful thinking.

They still remember,

when they meet each other.

They were offered a place in Heaven:

a wooden bench full of white butterflies,

fenced by fresh pink lilies

and their sweet-smelling aroma,

But neither one liked to sit.

They walked hand in hand every single night,

Counting the tiny and bright-golden shooting stars,

Letting the cold air touch their lips

When closing their eyes to make a wish:

“ I wanna be with you in hell,

for as long as we are in love”.

©️Ana Toma

April 21, 2021

Cheshire, CT

Nothing has changed

( Photo credit: Pinterest)

Nothing has changed:

My wildest desire is his lips on mine.

The longest French kiss ever:

Sweet as children’s first smile.

I’ve tasted his lips for hours, days.

I can’t compare them to anything,

to anyone.

It’s my soul’s favorite taste.

All I can say is that his lips play magic on me.

They awaken my holy dreams to be with him

In any place, in any fantasy, in any life,

in any moment.

His presence ignites my hidden passion.

In any nighttime, I’m followed by sunshine.

I live the wildest dream,

when thinking of the man I wanna be with.

No one knows how I feel when we make love,

Other than saying out loud his name,

I smile and kiss him deeply.

I can’t thank him enough for helping me reach

Unknown heavens,

I almost burn in the hot flames of our lovemaking.

I can compare our kissing,

To only fresh fountain’s water,

Up there, in Heavenly Heaven,

anytime our bodies feel the love heat.

Nothing has changed since I’ve met his lips.

Nothing has changed since I’ve met his body.

Nothing has changed since I’ve fallen for him

Other than wanting him more…

©️Ana Toma

April 20, 2021

Cheshire, CT 🇺🇸

She loves loving you

( Couple in love. ©️Pexels)

She loves loving you with all your sweet sighs,

When talking to her softly in intimate moments.

She’s seeking with her look, the long lost paradise

Of the woman in love,

with the most gorgeous smile.

She loves loving you, when holding her to your chest.

Her skin comes alive, when you say her name.

She can taste the lips of a hot-loving man,

Who’s kisses are passionate, long,

luscious and breathless.

©️Ana Toma

April 18, 2021

Cheshire, CT🇺🇸

I Love You!

“ A couple in love”. (Photo credit : Dreamstime.com)

I love you,

as you are the only Man

on this earth.

I love you,

as you are the only light

my eyes have ever seen.

I love you,

as you are the only breath

that I take.

I love you,

as you are mine

and I’m yours, to death.

I love you,

as the only beauty

that lays over the world.

I love you,

as the only sun

that warms and melts

cold- icy winter days.

I love you,

as the only rain

that feeds all ‘Seven Seas’.

I love you,

as the only bird

who’s song conquers

dense and hidden Spring forests.

I love you,

as the only heartbeat

that leads me to you,

longing for love.

©️Ana Toma

April 15, 2021

Cheshire, CT 🇺🇸

The lonely woman

(Ponte Vedra Beach , FL. December 2020. Photo credit: Ana Toma)

The portrait of her children, grandchildren, and herself

Hangs on the grey walls painted by her ex-husband,

Twenty-plus years ago. She breaths in and out.

It’s her time to let go of memories on this lovely spring morning,

Like she let go of all newspapers and unpublished poems,

wrapped-up and packed in taped big brown boxes,

Sitting quietly in the basement’s home workshop.

Waiting for the good Karma to give her the missing part of the moon

That the last day of March, year unknown, took it away from her.

Since that last conversation with the man that she loved,

The lonely woman thought that the Moon had two faces,

One for the man’s fulfilled wishes who left her peacefully in pain

and another one for all the empty souls who wished upon the moon.

The rainy spring days and the hot summer evenings,

The early bird songs of the April fools’ years,

The winter’s warm moments when walking on sunshine,

Like the missing September of each autumn passed,

all her memories vanished in sand and saltwater

In deep and angry oceans and sparkly blue seas…

©️Ana Toma

April 1, 2021